Along the Arizona Trail
"Along the Arizona Trail"
Written and Compiled by Dee Strickland Johnson
Illustrated by Dee Strickland Johnson and Bridget Heeringa

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Table of Contents
  I. The State of Arizona:   IV. Singing Down the the Arizona Trail:
  The Arizona Flag     Barb Wire Roses
  Sharlot Hall and Statehood for Arizona     Lonely River, Jim Leighton
  Valentine's Day, 1912     Old Hank Morgan's Place
  Arizona, Anna B. Strickland     Blow Western Winds
  My Arizona Home     Girl Named Charlie
  Riding the Rim Trails     Arizona Moon
  In Congress, Ken Graydon     My Arizona Mountain Home, Slim Tighe
  Sand     Sad Day on the Bee Line
  When the Palo Verde Starts Blooming     Old Girl Power
  Winds of the West     Dancing With Dad
II. Arizona Classics:   V. Folks Along the Arizona Trail:
  The Sierry Petes, Gail I. Gardner     Roadman's Daughter
  Where the Ponies Come to Drink, H.H. Knibbs     That Darn Truck!
  The Glory Trail, Charles "Badger" Clark     The "Borried" Fiddle
  Billy Vanero, Unknown     Arizona Sky Watcher
  Freighting from Wilcox to Globe, P.H. McBride     Cowboy Goes A-Courtin'
  The Crooked Trail to Holbrook Unknown     The Way That Cowboy Sang!
  Kokopelli, Dean Cook     Our Pard "T"
  The Brew, Rolf Flake     Blind Cowboy
  Feeding Bucky's Horse, Ken Graydon     Bittersweet Blue
  Transformation, "Cyclone Bill" best joke     Pale Pink Blues
III. Growing Up in Arizona:
  VI. Short Stories and Tall Tales of AZ
  Thunder and Lightnin'     Tall Tales and Treasures, Dean Cook
  Rimrocks     Swap Me a Biscuit
  Around the Campfire     Big Nose Kate
  Woodsmoke at Sundown, Dean Cook     Hassayampa River Blues, Jim Cook
  The Dim Dark Trails of Long Ago     Dark Eyed Stranger
  Duct Tape and Bailin' Wire     Casino
  Buckaroo Waltz     Jake and the Camel, Ken Graydon
  A Lady in Levi's     Girl in Red High Heels
  "Buckshot Dot"     One Brick at a Time, Dean Cook
  Snow on the Roof     A Christmas to Remember

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