One More Dance CD
"One More Dance"
Performed by Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
~ with ~
Peter Rolland : Fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar harmonics on Windmill
Gail Rolland : Cello

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Titles with a pistol have a sound sample!

Table of Contents

  1. First Waltz (Dean Cook, ASCAP)  MP3pistol
  2. The Girl from the Red Rose Saloon (Karen Quick, BMI) MP3pistol
  3. Windmill (Ken Graydon)  MP3pistol
  4. Nobody Kisses Their Horse Any More (Mike Ley/Les Buffham, ASCAP)  MP3pistol
  5. Colorado Trail (Traditional)  MP3&pistol
  6. Three Quarter Time (Ken Graydon)  MP3pistol
  7. Opal (Dave Stamey, Horse Camp Music, BMI)  MP3pistol
  8. I Never Knew What Lonesome Was (Ken Graydon)  MP3pistol
  9. Sueño (Bill Staines, Mineral River Music, BMI) MP3pistol
  10. A Border Affair (Traditional, Charles Badger Clark) MP3pistol
  11. My Tostada (Dee Strickland Johnson) MP3  pistol
  12. Woodsmoke at Sundown (Dean Cook, ASCAP)  MP3>pistol
  13. Duct Tape and Balin’ Wire (Dee Strickland Johnson)  MP3pistol
  14. One More Dance (Bev Triplett)  MP3pistol
  15. The Last Dance (Dee Strickland Johnson)  MP3pistol
  16. Morning in the High Hills (Dee Strickland Johnson) MP3pistol

Order directly from Buckshot Dot!

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