An Open Letter from Buckshot's "Dotter"
(Rebecca Johnson Vigon)
Tim and Mom
Tim and Mom
I'm the youngest child of John and Dee Strickland Johnson ("Buckshot Dot"). I love my parents deeply, but I am increasingly worried about them. The plain truth is,
Dee and John Johnson need your help.

Their youngest son Tim was in a devastating accident on August 5th, 2002. While driving home from out of state, he lost control of his truck on I-10. According to the police report, he cartwheeled three times and landed upside down facing oncoming traffic . There were no witnesses to the accident, but within minutes truck drivers flagged traffic and called 911, saving Tim's life.

Seeing Tim disabled has caused our family more pain and stress than we'd like to admit, and we're so grateful for the many prayers and visitors. Thankfully Tim, although severely brain damaged, is making progress and is otherwise physically healthy. We have faith that with time and rehabilitation he will fully recover.

However, the financial burden on Mom and Dad is becoming unbearable. Can you help?

Any monies raised will help Dee and John Johnson continue to live near Tim while he's in the hospital.
From the instant Mom and Dad found out about the accident, their lives completely changed. They spend hours at the hospital every day talking to Tim, reading to him, and wading through the endless paperwork and court costs that are necessary to keep Tim cared for.
They have suspended their "normal" lives and moved from their home to be near Tim while he's in the hospital. The financial strain of maintaining two households has been tough. Dealing with administrative and unexpected costs has been exhaustive. They're unable to continue to support two households, and have used their retirement savings to pay these unexpected bills.
Any monies raised will be to help Mom and Dad make their ends meet. They've done so much for so many; now it's time for them to be open to receive help. They are the finest people and parents I know, and they could not have possibly planned to be in this tragic situation. The heartache of seeing their adult son completely dependent because of an accident is something no parent should go through.

I believe donations of any amount will help relieve at least some of their stress, and allow them to remain near Tim as he recuperates.

Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.
  You may use PayPal   or send a check to:  
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  Bank of America
5755 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015-2460
Attn: The JC Johnson & DS Johnson Revocable Living Trust
All donations will remain anonymous.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and your continuing prayers and visits.
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