Arizona Herstory
"Arizona Herstory"
(Written and Illustrated by Dee Strickland Johnson)

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Table of Contents
Dates Significant to Arizona
Maps of Arizona
#1 Arizona      
#2 Reservations      
#3 Counties      
#4 Peralta Grant      
List of Illustrations
Table of Poems
I. Out of the Mists:
Pre-history to 18th Century
  IV. Legends. Lore, Myths and More
  Naming of Arizona     Legend of the Rainbow
  Red Stone Face     Peralta Gold
  Rim of the Mogollon     The Mysterious Lady in Blue
  Pioneer Padre on Horseback     Legend of La Llorona
  Kino's Object Lesson     Cyclone Bill's Big Windy
  If Anza Had Remained     Transformation Trick
        Unlikely Candidate
II. Heroes and Hard Cases:     Cry of the Death Bird
  19th Century     Kingman
  The Battle of Picacho Pass   Stilt Stock Stampede
  The Gold and Fleece   Swap Me A Biscuit!
  Unluckiest Cuss      
  What Goes Around   V. Later History:
  George Warren: Background     20th Century
  Buckskin Frank     Battle Ground
  Saturday Night in Tombstone     Lady in the Copper Mesh Gown
  The Tarantula of Arizona     A Sojourner's Luck
  Vigilante Coming!     Ballad of George Manly
  The Rhyming Robber     Mogollon Mountain Moonshine
  Red the Rooster     Down on the Bone
  Hangin' Tree     Old Soup Bone
  "Climax Jim: My Favorite Outlaw"     "They'll Know Who I Am!"
  Blundering Bungling Bandits     Two Old Hash Knife Cowboys
        Buckaroo Waltz
III. Just Plain Folks:
    Journey to Turquoise Waters
  19th Century      
  Torchlight Christmas Eve   VI. Performance Cuts
  Shadows     Belle of the Bar
  Big Babe's Nightcap     Climax Jim
  Pajaro     Rhyming Robber
  Juegos de los Vaqueros     Swap Me A Biscuit
  Cowboy Preacher     Vigilante Coming
  Where the Verde River FLows    
  Them Hash Knife Cowboys    
Bob Leatherwood's Wager    
  Tio Pepe    
  Destination Phoenix    
  Leaving Phoenix    
  The Other Mother    
  Belle of the Bar    
  Slim Woman (Asthon Sosi)    
  The Question of the Cow    

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