(Bob Leatherwood was elected to the village council of Tucson
in 1874. He became mayor in 1880 and remained in public
position until 1925 when he lost his bid for sheriff.)

Bob Leatherwood's Wager

Bob was riled up just a smidgen
Cause Jake was arguin' 'bout religion..

Bob says, "There's twenty bucks right there
Says you cain't say the whole Lord's Prayer."

Now big Jake's face lit with a grin
And right away he started in:

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep. . . ."

Bob stroked his stubbly bearded chin,
"That's enough!" he yelled. "You win!"

. . . Dee Strickland Johnson January, 2001

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"Bob Leatherwood's Wager" by Dee Strickland Johnson January, 2001